New SLA services and materials

For sometime we have been offering an SLA printing service with white material, we have now added to our in-house capabilities with new SLA materials including Clear, Black, Gray,  Robust  semi-flexible and Cast-able resin for the investment casting industry.  (yeah, so just a few additions!)  Also these materials we have in-stock and ready to go.

SLA printing is great for pre-tooling prototypes or where a high level of detail is required.

Below are a few examples we printed lately:

SLA 3D prine fine detailLarge SLA print

SLA clear printSLA clear 3d prints

SLA 3d printed production partsSLA castable reasin 3d printed



Turning plastic into metal

Recently we have got more involved with producing plastic parts that will be used for investment casting in various metal from Aluminium to Titanium.  You may ask why do this when metal parts can be 3D printed directly?  The answer is somewhat layered,  Metal 3D printing is just the best thing for some applications but not others and investment casting or sand casting from patterns offers another useful option.  Namely cost advantages for larger parts but also material choice.

Below is an example of an automotive inlet manifold we printed that was investment cast in aluminium, the cost is around half that of 3D printing in metal a part of this size:

PLA 3D print for investment castingInvestment cast from 3D print

To help better understand the process and work with our casting partners better, we cast parts in-house to refine our printing technique for cast parts, below is a print and investment cast we made in-house:

3D print for investment castingInvestment coated 3D printburnout investment castingMetal part made via 3D print and investment casting

If you are interested to have parts cast or you have a casting business we would like to hear from you.