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Free up capital and creativity with our direct digital manufacturing service

Commonly people think 3D printing is for prototypes only and the process would be too slow and expensive for component manufacture, however here at Palmer Design we are focusing on volume manufacturing end use parts.

The benefits we can offer are very substantial, think about the below scenario:

Traditional manufacturing: Components needed: 1000 per year
Tooling cost: $15,000
Lead time: 4 Months
Part cost: $1 (Part cost will be high because of low volume) Total cost: $16,000
Reality is that costs will be higher as any design changes (very common) will not only delay the project but result in significant tooling expenses, this results in design inflexibility.
Digital manufacturing with Palmer Design: Components needed: 1000 per year
Tooling cost: $0
Lead time: 2 days
Part cost: $5 Total cost: $5,000
Cost for changing design is zero! No project delays and very flexible.

With many years of manufacturing experience we know the above scenario is actually understated, this new manufacturing method opens up product manufacture to a whole range of companies and people that would not have had the capital base to do so before. The level of product complexity can be higher with a fast changing product portfolio.

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