Exporting NZ based 3D printing

We are very grateful for the continuing growth we have been seeing in our business this year.
Thanks to all our customers, it is great working with so many innovative people, below a snippit of what we have been up to lately:

Below, some of the 600 polycarbonate valve control knobs for export to the UK,  we have refined our process so that these parts are incredibly tough and stronger than injection molded ABS:

3d printed polycarbonate knobs

Below, PLA prints for investment casting, basically parts like these can be cast in almost any metal, for example Aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel, bronze etc…
We work directly with NZ based casting shops to achieve the right outcome for our customers, below is an example of a 10 part order we produced recently, these parts are about 200mm in length:

3D printed PLA for investment casting 2

Also for investment casting are these cherry blossoms printed in high detail with our SLA process:

3D printed Cheery blossom 7

Please feel welcome to contact us for more information.


Andrew Palmer

Palmer Design & Manufacturing Ltd

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