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Innovation is core to what we do, bringing a broad rage of experiences to bear on problems, helping customers realize the potential of their concepts and Automation ambitions.
We provide a complete service for machine design, control system, electronics & software

Mixing our years of experience in manufacturing with product design is what we call “bringing it together” for the benefit of our customers.

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Using the latest Solidworks 3D software we create designs that can be shared across industry.

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The wide selection of skill sets and experience at PDM allow us to bring just about any crazy invention to life. Our capabilities range from circuitboard design and software, right through to injection moulding.

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With a predominantly mechanical design team, custom machinery is one of our fortes. We are able to look at your specific task or automation project and design machines from scratch that will stand up in the harsh demands of a production environment.

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Since 2012 we have been manufacturing products with our industrial 3D printers. Our NZ based 3D printing service utilizes a variety of technologies including FDM and SLA. We are now one of NZ's top 3D printing companies.
We are also providing vacuum cast and injection molded parts

Get an instant online quote by uploading your 3D parts here. We offer a printing service with the following processes:

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)  Is a 3D printing technology used for industrial end use parts and low cost prototyping.  FDM boasts the largest material selection including industrial high temperature plastics, rather than weaker UV cured resins.  PDM has multiple industrial grade machines that provide strong distortion free parts when compared to hobby printers.

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Stereolithography (SLA) is used where small detail precision and smooth surface finish are required.  For example a prof of concept before going to injection molding.  PDM has multiple SLA printers and a wide range of SLA materials to choose from.

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Great for low volume production runs, Vacuum cast parts have a great finish and importantly can be end use parts rather that just prototypes.

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When you’re ready for high volumes, i.e. qty 1000+, injection moulding is a great way to go.

We prepare your design for tooling (if you haven’t already) and double check the parts for dimensional accuracy before you receive them. 

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Computer Aided Design

Solidworks premium CAD software is used to speed products to market while providing our customers with industry standard files

Production Machine Design

Turn Key production machines customized from the ground up for specialized industries. Design, Manufacture, Controls and Software.

3D Printing Service

Using industrial grade heated chamber 3D printers along with premium materials selected via testing, PDM produces significantly stronger 3D printed products distortion free. We love producing useful things for people and hope to be part of bringing manufacturing back to New Zealand.

3D Printing Production

Free up capital and creativity with our direct digital manufacturing service.
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