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Concept Development





Finding simple elegant solutions requires the ability to pull together different disciplines,  Innovation is core to what we do and we thrive on challenges customers bring us.

If you have a design project but are unsure how to proceed, get in touch- we can assess your project for free and move forward at your pace. 

As a rough gauge, our team would typically spend 8-10 hours as a first step, then create a more detailed plan as the project progresses. 

For more details on how to get started, check out the link below.


Communicate you ideas using the latest computer aided design. 

At PDM we utilise Solidworks™ to design 3D models- essential for a smooth and speedy product development process. Whether it’s simply reverse engineering a part, or creating an entirely new product, we always start with a CAD model. 

A 3D CAD model of your product can provide some of the following key benefits:

  • Manufacturing Files
  • Bill of Materials Data
  • Realistic Product Renders
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Part Analysis


Design For Manufacture:  great design incorporates manufacturing simplicity and economic use of capital.   PDM’s team has high volume production experience that envisions product manufacture at the outset, reducing costly changes later.


Could 3D printing be a way forward for your products?  If so we can design parts for printing, this often saves significant costs on components and assemblies.

Injection molding, Press tooling, Machining – these are everyday low cost  technologies but not everyone knows how to make the most from them, designing parts without the process in-mind slows down the entire development and adds significant costs. Here at PDM we have a toolmakers on staff with a wealth of knowledge on the do’s and don’ts

Every component has it’s place and it should not fit in any other place, assembly should be simple and intuitive, every process should be verifiable.  With many years in mass manufacturing we know it is a different world to make a few samples compared to producing thousands of products per day, one small problem becomes big very fast.  We have been on the production lines, we have designed the machines, we have worked with quality, management, sourcing, operators and customers face to face.  At PDM you work with a experienced team.


Digital manufacturing directly from 3D prints is a zero capital way into production, often a great stepping stone to trial products and markets.  PDM is a leading NZ 3D printing service provider.

+ Parts 3D printed
+ Hours of 3D printing in one year

How it works:


Get in touch

Drop us an email or give us a call. Whether it’s a little CAD job or a big design project we’re happy to chat.


Free initial meeting

Come in to our offices in Tauranga, we’ll make you a coffee and discuss your needs further.


Week by week

We take product development one step at a time, with frequent communication and weekly billing so you stay in the drivers seat. 

Design Rate

Conceptual Design, Reverse Engineering, CAD
$ 85 per hour
  • Minimum charge 1hr
  • Time recorded to the second
  • Weekly billing for longer projects